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Bespoke Plush

Original Commission Plush

40 total reviews

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🌎 Earth is at the heart of our missionMade with 100% recycled materials.

Transform your original character designs to 3D Plush figures. Send us your drawings/designs and we'll bring them to life with the help of our experienced design team. 

We use high-quality Plush fabric and faux fur to make you highly detailed designs. All designs are customized made by hand. Since you are a part of this design process, we value your feedback and will keep you in the loop during the production process to ensure that your high standards are met. As a result, you will get a perfect, detailed, OC stuffed toy. 

The plush design details include custom-made patterns by experienced designers, high-quality plush fabrics and specialty faux furs, as well as the opportunity to receive photos of the plush during production with two rounds of changes included. Customers can choose between a 16-inch regular size or a 30-inch supersize upgrade. During production, designers will provide photos for feedback(if you choose Production review while placing the order)and customers can request changes as needed. It is important to note that the provided photos are of the final plushie, not a mockup, and customers can either approve or request changes within 4 days to avoid delays. Support emails are auto-approved after 4 days to prevent them from going to spam folders.

Still not sure if your artwork is a “Draw Your Own”, “Original Commission” or “Selfie”? contact us


Please provide as much description as possible in the Text box above (after uploading the images) to help us understand the artwork and make it as detailed as possible. The description you should provide can be:
- Features (Ex.: Sharp nose, brown eyes, long hair)
- Colors (Ex.: Red, sky blue, navy blue, baby pink, green, cream)
- Even mood is helpful (Ex.: Happy, angry, excited, sad, thrilled, scared).

Still not sure if your artwork is a “Draw Your Own”, “Original Commission” or “Selfie”? contact us

Materials used

We use high-quality Ultra-soft Spandex/faux fur to make highly detailed designs and recycled polyester filling. All designs are 100% hand made.

Customers can exercise greater influence over the design of their plush using the Custom Color selection when production review/ Order Updates is selected. With this feature, customers can customize the colors of their plush according to their preferences, offering them a wide range of options to choose from. By utilizing the Custom Color Selection, customers have the ability to handpick the colors they desire for their plush, allowing for a personalized and unique design outcome. This empowers customers to tailor the appearance of their plush products to their liking, enhancing their overall control and customization options.

Lead time

12 weeks

Need Help with Ref Sheet?

Here is an awesome Ref sheet maker that has created the best specialty commission plushies


Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Drew Humphries

You guys never cease to amaze me! I just received my plushie today and I absolutely love it! Thank you guys so much! I am totally looking forward to doing more future orders with you guys! Best plushie company ever! :)

Drew Humphries
Best plushie company!!!I

I just received my plushie today from this company and I absolutely love it! This was my second order with them and they never cease to amaze me! I would totally recommend them! I am looking forward to doing more future orders with these guys! Best plushie company ever! :)

Sarah LaFleur
Exceeded every expectation

We ordered a custom plush based on a drawing our daughter made. The plush exceeded every expectation we had. The quality was fantastic and the replication of her drawing was phenomenal down to the smallest detail on the drawing.

I just got my plush yesterday.. There's a bit of details I want to share. (Very lengthy!!!)

I just got my plush yesterday, waiting 3 months.I have mixed feelings. There's quite a few pros and cons, but it's a bit of a weighted balance for me, which is why I feel a 3-star is best in my experience.For the first part, the color for the fabrics are awesome, and it really makes my plush look accurate!And the way the clothing was done for my plush is phenomenal! I really thought it was gonna be missing details because of its complexity but they added everything down to the buttons, frills and lacing! Even the pattern to the shorts that I didn't even specify to add!Not only that, the small pockets I requested are actually functional, so I've been having fun stuffing little things into them.Not to mention, the plush is incredibly soft all around! None of the plushies I have feel this cuddly, so it's definitely a go-to for hugs and squeezes.I have took so many goofy photos of my plush, since I've been adoring it (When I don't put it near my other plushies..)I am also really happy that the pin I requested isn't embroided either, because I forgot to specify it's a separate piece, and I accidently made it too small, and the company made it bigger!For the cons... I have a feeling that Bespoke Plush seems to excel in animal-like/abstract characters rather than humanoid (Or atleast, similar in anime kinds of style.)I don't really understand why the production process updates is behind a paywall since it's a plush designed specifically for the customer, but I didn't have enough to be able to get it unfortunately.The only thing that makes my plush hard to look at is the proportions. I figured a chibi, stubby plush would be executed well... But the base I provided wasn't exactly followed, which I understand it won't be perfect, but the torso-waist was too short and thin instead of longer and chubby, and it made the legs look way too small.It made the plush look disproportionate, with the legs very small, which ended up making the arms look big and bulky. The legs are also stiffer than the arms...The legs are so small, the part that was supposed to be exposed is covered by the shorts., and the shoes are hardly recognizable.One of the hair strands for the bangs wasn't really executed well either, it pokes out too much and looks like an antenna sometimes.The face embroidery is great and accurate, but the head is more of a circular sphere.. instead of an oval sphere with a flat surface for the face, like you'd see with anime-like plushies; thus having my plush having a slight fish-eye lens look. Though, now I'm a bit at a loss, since I'm trying to look for something that can do this style with no luck.The proportions make it hard for me to look at it when I set it next to my other plushies that are meant to fit with it.The hat wasn't filled in either, but that is my fault for that issue since I didn't specify. (Though typically, in anime plushies, the heads have big foreheads that are covered by the hair, which my plush doesn't have, since it's just circular; the hats would usually be wrapped onto the forehead to give the illusion it's filled in, but my plushie's hat cant wrap around.)I'm gonna be trying to get help and get the plush to look closer to the ideal design and try to fix all the cons, because I do genuinely love it for it's perks.I would recommend the company for those who want animals, anthros, and object/accessory-like plushies, and not recommend for those who aren't going for an anime-like design (depends on the style though).I would ALSO recommend buying from the company months prior before a major event such as a birthday, and especially holidays because it can take much longer than expected/estimated, so buy early beforehand if you want to get it in time.

matthew fabiano
Today is february 6

Today is february 6, 2024. I placed my order on october 28, 2023 and i still do not have my order. The customer service has assured me several times that my order was going to be made and delivered by christmas. After that, i was told it would be delivered by the first week of january, then the middle of january, then the end of january. Now were already 1 week into february and still nothing. I really wanted this order for a christmas gift for my sister and her daughter, i ordered a matching set of 2 and still have nothing. Customer service only seems to respond when they feel you will cancel the order so they can keep your money. After some complaints to them i told them to give me updates or i would cancel with my credit card company and they didnt respond. A few days later i called my credit card and cancelled and the next day they started emailing me. I agreed to reverse the cancellation if they gave me free shipping which cost me almost $50 alone. They refunded that and i agreed to call my credit card company and cancel the charge back. Now a month later and i still dont have it. I emailed them over and over asking for updates, and no response. Then i tell them i will call my credit card company for again for cancellation and tell them i may get a lawyer involved for mental anguish and theft and the next day they tell me its going to ship. They also told me last week when i wanted to cancel again that they would still ship me the plushes and that they would refund my purchase because of my experience. I said yes ok refund my purchase and they didnt. I have it all in writing in my email conversations with them and i will be contacting my credit card company to get my money back for this purchase. Complete scam and worst customer service i have ever seen. I looked into it, the factory they produce these in is in india, a place known for scams. I regret this entire experience so much. Please do not buy a plush from here, take your business to an etsy shop, i have had multiple made on etsy with no issues. I wish i could include photos of the emails they sent but it doesnt allow me to do that here. Maybe i can figure out how to do that on a google review so everyone can see the repeated lies from them and how dumb and gullible i have been. Never ever again.Edit march 26, 2024Was told in emails that for my inconvenience that i would receive a full refund for the purchase. The refund i received was a month prior to them telling me this, i told them i wanted to cancel the order and to not lose the sale to give me free shipping and they agreed. After not receiving the item for another month i was trying to contact them alot during this, and they barley respond, a customer service person emailed me saying my item was going to ship out that week and i would also get a full refund for my bad experience. I never got the refund and the items came about 45 days after that. They told me about 4 times that it was being shipped out that day or the next day or that week. I placed my order on october 28 2023 and didnt recieve my items until february 23 2024. On top of that, them items were not to my specifications and 2 of the colors i requested were not included, so its not a replica of what i ordered. Do no order from here, order from someone on etsy, i have placed several orders with sellers on etsy for similar stuff and never had any issues.