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We make wholesale stuffed animals and have a manufacturing capacity of making 100k units a month

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Company Mascot:

Brand Mascot 

Events are often made special with the presence of a mascot. We are an expert in hand crafting specifically designed wholesale plush versions of mascots. Whether you require a recreation of the long-living mascot of a sports club or a newly designed mascot for your company, we make it all!

Business Promotions:

Promotions giveaway

We understand the importance of a brand logo for a company. We put care and concern into recreating a logo or a brand representative character. We can deliver cost effective plush toys in bulk to your office for your promotional event. Reach out to us with your design and we will replicate it to the tee.

Shows and events

Events giveaway gifts

We cover various types of social and cultural events with our delivery of bulk stuffed toys. If you run an NGO and conducting a charity event involving kids, we can provide wholesale plush animals in the size, design, and quantity you want. If there is a book-signing event or story-related workshop, we can deliver bulk plush toys for fictional characters. If you are a public figure who wants to turn popular characters related to them into merchandise, we can create plush toys in wholesale for that as well.




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