books with stuffed animal character

4 Reasons Every Author Needs a Custom Plush

Your special book characters deserve to be brought to life! Whether your book character is a person, animal, insect or an object - we can make it into a huggable doll or plush - super fun for both kids and adults! 

1. Great for Promoting your Book!

After long hours of writing, perfecting and publishing your book - there is one more step - promoting and selling it! If you are a new author you need a lot of self-promotion and self-marketing. Whatever the size of your fandom is, you want to promote yourself in the most creative way possible. We highly recommend a custom plush that is based on the character that you can bring around. Think of it as branding. This is going to be your mascot - or your book ambassador;  real and relatable. 


2. Excellent Reading Buddies

books with stuffed animal character

Kids are not as self-conscious about stumbling over words when reading to a stuffed friend, compared to an adult, classmate or a group of people. Reading loudly to a stuffed friend has shown to improve speeches, loud reading, and even confidence! What is better than reading your story to a stuffed animal? A custom stuffed toy based on the character of your book


3. Kids can Live in the Story

books with stuffed animal character

Bringing a custom plush that is based on your book character is an amazing way to engage kids into your story. When kids can see and hug your book character in real life, it becomes much easier for them to relate and live in your story! 

4. Amazing Merchandise for Fans

Having merchandise is something that will keep your book relevant for a long time. You can either have goodie-bags for fans or potential buyers together with some flyers. It can also be used as a give-away on social media when promoting your book. If you're a writer, chances are high that you have your own website - add a page for merchandise, where people can order a plush of your character. This way you would not have to worry about giving or selling all your custom toys at seminars, book clubs or conventions.

Adults and kids are both drawn towards cute plush toys. Bookmarks and other small accessories are always forgotten somewhere, but a quality plush will be there with them, either used as the interior in someones home or given as a gift to kid - basically a constant reminder of your book. 

books with stuffed animal character

One thing is for sure, a custom plush will create emotions and make your book more relatable - as well as increase your book sales. 

My Plush Toy creates high quality soft handmade custom plushies, for authors with interesting characters in their books. We are a preferred vendor and the liker of Harper Collins UK's Children Division - for which we have made plushies. 

If you want to order a few custom plushes, you can click here. However, we recommend bulk order, as this is even more cost-effective, click here to get your bulk quote.  


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