About Us

Do you want to see your or your friends and family's artwork come to life? Do you want it to be made by experts who put effort into every single detail? Yes? Great, WE GOT YOU COVERED!

Whether artwork or selfies: we make the world more huggable! We turn any photo into a personalized stuffed toy - such as an image of kids' artwork, digital art, anime, a person, a thing or a canvas.

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How to Make a Custom Plush?

All you have to do is upload it to our website in only three easy steps:
1. Take a photo of the object you want to plushify.
2. Provide your photo to our designers.
3. Get ready for the magic.


We offer three different categories, in two sizes; 16 and 30 inch

Draw Your Own Plushie: We bring artwork to life by creating cute, custom stuffed animals based on children's drawings. Currently, children's creativity is lost when their drawings go from the fridge to the attic to the recycle bin. Treasure their creativity forever and watch their eyes light up when they see their own drawings come to life in a huggable creation they can play with.

Original Commission Plush Toy: Transform your original character designs into 3D plush figures. Send us your drawings/designs and we'll bring them to life with the help of our experienced design team. We use high-quality Plush fabric and faux fur to create your highly detailed designs. All designs are customized made by hand. Since you are a part of this design process, we value your feedback. We'll keep you in the loop during the production process to ensure that your high standards are met.

Selfie Stuffed Toy: Turn a photo of anyone into a custom plush figurine. These super cute mini-me's make for awesome gifts for spouses, bosses, kiddos, and everyone in between.

 We can convert image into a custom plush toy

From children's drawings to book characters, mythical creatures, to any anime character, and to make a real look-a-like custom stuffed doll from the photo, our artisans can anything into a custom plush toy

Draw Your Own Plush

  • Book characters

  •   Kid's drawings
  •   Anime Plushie
  •   Chilhood Plush Redo
  •   Mythical Creatures plush
  •   Dragon Stuffed Animals
  •   Illustration to Plush
  •   Pony Stuffed Animals

Selfie Plush

  • Military
  • Children
  • Athletes
  • Doctors
  • Co-workers
  • Mom & Dad
  • Bride & Grooms
  • Teachers

Bulk Order Plushie or Company Mascot/Logo/Merchandise

Want to make a statement as a creative and fun company? We also make amazing mascots, logos or just merch-plushies (bulk order: get your quote now!). 


We care about the quality of our product, the satisfaction of our customers, and the strength of our community. All toys are made under sustainable conditions and are quality tested for your safety.

Meet our Team

For a look into our office, you can check out this exciting video!





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