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Bespoke Plush LLC

Plush Slippers

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Our Plush Slippers are custom-made for the ultimate comfort experience. The soft and cozy material will keep your feet warm and snug, perfect for relaxing at home. With these custom slippers, you can ensure a perfect fit and personalized touch for your feet. Treat yourself to luxury!

Each pair is expertly handcrafted by our skilled artisans, ensuring a one-of-a-kind product that captures all the unique details of your character. Immerse yourself in personalized relaxation with these custom-made slippers.

Our customized slippers come in all sizes.

Indulge your feet in luxury with our slippers customized to you. These extra soft slippers will provide ultimate comfort and relaxation. Customize your pair to suit your personal style and elevate your lounging experience. Perfect for a night in after a long day, or as a thoughtful gift for your loved ones. 

We use high-quality Plush fabric and faux fur to make you highly detailed designs. All designs are customized made by hand. Since you are a part of this design process, we value your feedback.

The plush design details include custom-made patterns by experienced designers, high-quality plush fabrics and specialty faux furs, as well as the opportunity to receive photos of the plush during production with two rounds of changes included.

Still not sure if your artwork is a “Draw Your Own”, “Original Commission” or “Selfie”? contact us


Please provide description of the most needed features  in the Text box above (after uploading the images) to help us understand the artwork and make it as detailed as possible. The description you should provide can be:
- Features (Ex.: Sharp nose, brown eyes, long hair)
- Colors (Ex.: Red, sky blue, navy blue, baby pink, green, cream)
- Even mood is helpful (Ex.: Happy, angry, excited, sad, thrilled, scared).

Materials used

We use high-quality Ultra-soft Spandex/faux fur to make highly detailed designs and recycled polyester filling. All designs are 100% hand made.

Customers can exercise greater influence over the design of their plush using the Custom Color selection when production review/ Order Updates is selected. With this feature, customers can customize the colors of their plush according to their preferences, offering them a wide range of options to choose from. By utilizing the Custom Color Selection, customers have the ability to handpick the colors they desire for their plush, allowing for a personalized and unique design outcome. This empowers customers to tailor the appearance of their plush products to their liking, enhancing their overall control and customization options.

Lead time

12 weeks

Need Help with Ref Sheet?

Here is an awesome Ref sheet maker that has created the best specialty commission plushies


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