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5 Reasons Why Plush Toys are AMAZING

Globally you will find stuffed toys in every child's bedroom. Any stuffed toy such as an elephant, tiger, dogs, cats or dolls in every shape and size. Even though most of today's generation prefers Lego and iPads, there is always room for the traditional stuffed toy in every child's and adults' heart. Stuffed toys are incredible in general and are often left behind as we get older. Let us give you five reasons why stuffed toys are amazing.

 Teddy bear


1. They give great hugs

This one is quite straight forward: A plush toy can serve a practical purpose: comfort! Plushes are really great huggers and even great pillows. However, make sure to do some research on the materials, how plush toys are quality checked and if the stuffing inside is soft, or lumpy. You don't want to hug a rock hard plush, so the fluffier, the better to hug!

You don't get the same warm and squishy hug anywhere else in the world than a stuffed friend! A stuffed friend doesn't have to leave the hug to pick up a phone call. To cuddle a Lego, Barbie doll or even a low-quality plush toy can never add up to the softness and silkiness of a high-quality plush toy! 


2. They don´t break

Most toys fall to bits, however, plush toys last long and are always there for you! Plushes don't dent, bend or break. Plush toys don't have glass screens that crack, small parts that get lost or batteries that die. Without any worry or fuss, a kid can whenever he/she wants to pick up their plush and play with it. Kids like to bring their plush toys everywhere, the bathroom, on airplanes, in their bed - basically any place you can think of. After many years of playing with a plush toy, a small rip might come up - but this can be fixed with a needle and thread. It's super easy! 

Plush toys really are the perfect friends due to their cuteness, soft hugs, smiles, and long durability. Click here to check out some of the high-quality custom plushes we have made.

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They will never leave you, and they listen

A plush toy is like a best friend - they are always there for you and you can share anything with them. No matter how far away you live or how old you get, your stuffed toy will stay with you. If you had a rough day, and you need to cry it out or even punch it out, your plush toy will be waiting for you at home (no, it won't be mad at you for doing that). You can talk about toothpaste, shoes or homework with them - they won't care at all. The only negative aspect of it is that they can't talk, so if you need advice on something, don't expect to get answers from them.


4. Amazing gifts when personalized

If you want someone to feel special, give them a custom plush. When someone receives a custom plush, they appreciate the thought, time and effort that has been put into it. The beauty of a customized toy is that it can be given at any occasion of the year, whether it is graduations, Valentine's Day, weddings, New Year, birthdays, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, you name it. 

Read more about why custom gifts are getting increasingly popular as presents these days.


5.  Nostalgia

Lastly, plush toys can serve as a cue, or reminder of your best-loved childhood partner! It could be your pet, a cartoon character or a family member you miss. My Plush Toy can create any type of plush from artwork or a selfie, click here for more. A plush toy created of your memories can be good for yourself, but also for people around you who you, like your wife or children. 



Want to give someone special a personalized Christmas gift or want to spoil yourself? Get a custom made plush!


Um I’m not sure they don’t brake the outer part can Thair or the stuffing can log awway but good good

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We just received our custom made Plush Toys .. two characters from my Girlie Grub Adventure Children’s books and they are fabulous! You brought them to life! Thank you all so much!

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