Spandex polyester is a necessary component of our goods. Spandex, commonly known as elastane or Lycra, is a stretchy polymer (a type of petroleum-based plastic). And other synthetic fibers are extensively used in the production of plush. One of the most common applications for this fabric is in the manufacture of stuffed toys, with miniature plush toys created from plush fabric, such as teddy bears, to the point that these are commonly referred to as "plush toys" or "plushies." 

 Why we should reduce using virgin polyester 


 Unfortunately, the extraction and refining of the petroleum required to produce this material pollutes the land, air, and water, further adding to global warming. 

So, this is what we are trying to do  

Bespoke plush works to reduce dependency on virgin petroleum as a raw material supply for our plush toys. 


What we do 

Using recycled polyester filling 

 In recent years, we began experimenting with pre-consumer recycled spandex, and we first used recycled spandex in our range in 2019. It has the same stretch qualities as virgin spandex fiber and allows us to reuse resources that would otherwise go to landfills. We like discovering new ways to keep items out of the garbage and in use.” 


 Handout of unused fabric 

 There are some swimsuit companies & track pants companies which collect spandex materials waste and use them in their product production even we transport them the unused fabric to avoid wastage of fabric. 

unused fabric donation

Donating fabric is one way to recycle it, but it may also be recycled in other ways. Companies may make rags out of discarded fabric scraps and use them to clean various machines and automobiles. 

We're making progress 

74% of polyester is recycled polyester in our plush toy production. 

What's next  

Our aim is to eliminate the use of virgin polyester completely by 2024. 


Go green 

And we encourage others to follow the same to avoid landfills with non-degradable products. That affects us in one or the other way in future.so be cautious with your industrial waste. Let's not make the earth suffer more than this.” 

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