Gigantic teddy bear

Your Safety is our Priority

Safety of the consumer is our top priority, therefore every single plush toy is handmade under hygienic conditions. Before packing, we run all custom plushies under UV-light that disinfects the stuffed toys by killing germs and bacteria. We also run the toys through a needle detector to make sure there are no needles or any metal pieces that are accidentally left in the toy.

Unlike other stuffed animals or plush manufacturers, our toys are completely safe and free of chemicals, we do not use wires, plastic pieces (eyes/nose) as these can pose a choking hazard for kids. Despite not using these materials, our toys are extremely durable, and can be washed (Chaitanya, 2017).

In 2014, there were over 250,000 toy associated incidents (Consumer Product Safety Commission, 2014). So whether you are looking for a gigantic or medium-sized personalized gift for your friends, kids, or yourself - We at My Plush Toy are proud to say that we are making it easy for you to buy toys that are safety-approved for consumers.



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Written by Karishma Kaul


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