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Plush Toys - The Perfect Gift

‘When we can no longer play with stuffed toys, we begin to die- Unknown.’ Well said, isn’t it? 

Stuffed toys make the Best gift for any occasion- whether it’s your best friend’s birthday or it is your wedding anniversary the safest and the best gift is an adorable plush toy. Stuffed toys never cease to bring smile on our faces. You might now think of good stores that have great collection of plush toys. We at My Plush Toys make the task of choosing a place much easier for you! An amazing fact about ordering a plush toy from My Plush Toy is that you don’t have to settle for any random toy from the market. You can, in-fact, draw your own plush toy! Yes, that’s right! It’s time to put your creativity at work and create a unique plush toy.

Our products range from Drawing Your Own Plush Toy to making a plush toy identical to your pet to bring your selfie (selfie toys) to life!

 To all those geeky toy collectors out there- MPT is the place you’ve been searching for all this while I’m sure! From making a plush toy version of your favorite animated characters to making a plush toy version of your favorite pet, we make the concept of gifting a unique experience!


Well, do you need a better reason to gift a stuffed toy or just buy one for yourself? Recent studies show that stuffed toys are great stress-busters. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order a custom plush toy today! :D

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