Toys are more than fun! They are tools that help kids build important emotional skills that they carry their whole lives. As a parent, you can support your child’s emotional development by ensuring their toy box has a variety of playthings that build emotional skills.

Here are some of our team’s cool toy picks. There are many more skill-building (and fun!) toys waiting in the toy aisle.

Draw your Own Plush Toys by BESPOKE PLUSH

All Ages

 More than sweet, snuggly plush toys, custom plushies by Bespoke Plush are created from 100% recycled materials. Each soft plush is made from recycled plastic equivalent to eight plastic bottles. Kid’s artwork when brought to life in the form of a plush, encourages the kids to exercise their creativity and helps develop emotional skills.

What kids learn through play with Eco Nation plush toys by Aurora World: Through play, children can not only learn how to care for others, but they can also build a sense of responsibility and connection with the Earth. Custom Plushies also allows children to practice caregiving skills. After all, what kid doesn’t want to grow up and be a pet parent!



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