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3 Reasons for Why You Should Encourage Kids to Draw

kids drawing

One of the most engaging activities for kids is coloring or drawing, and as a parent in this digital world, it can be difficult to push in traditional forms of learning, such as drawing, when nowadays every kid knows how to operate an iPhone and iPad. 

In this blog post, we will give you reasons as to why it's healthy to draw, and the reasons why you should encourage your kids to draw.


  1. Kids find it easier to express themselves when drawing

When a kid has to explain her/his thoughts to a teacher, parent or friend, they sometimes have difficulty to do so through talking. Research shows that when kids have to explain how a ball moves down a slope, they prefer to observe the ball motion closely in reality and then think about the movement and the formations they have to design to draw it (Ashbrook, 2012). Then describing their thoughts through the drawing to a teacher or classmate helps children to think again about what happened and to share their understanding. It is extremely crucial to teach the skills needed to interpret and construct meaning from images of many kinds and the ability to create such images for children, as this helps them communicate better.


  1. Drawing lets kids express their personality

Unlike older kids and adults, most toddlers and preschoolers are not self-conscious about how their drawing turns out. Letting them explore drawing techniques with different colors, materials and textures help them create personality in their artwork. In fact, according to a Mintel survey, 80% of parents said they believe it is important to let kids express their individuality (Mintel, 2018). 

Some toddlers and preschoolers can like to draw but might feel insecure with their skill level and/or matches it with what an adult or sibling has made. This frustration can guide them to avoid drawing. At My Plush Toy, we like to encourage kids to draw by using the amazing quote by Paul Klee:
Paul Klee

  1. Its a great way of showing feelings and emotions

These days people often try to hide their feelings, which ultimately harms them in the long run. Showing kids that expressing feelings is extremely important as it makes you a better person, partner, and parent. Drawing is a hobby and passion that can be a positive outlet. Colors and tools children draw with are an incredible way for kids to express how they feel in the short and long term.

Dragon Drawing


Let us know in the comments below how you encourage your kids to draw!


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